Back to Microsoft and SharePoint/MOSS

October 1, 2009

I’ve decided on a return to Microsoft to work on building out solutions for SharePoint/MOSS and try to get in early on the connection between enterprise content management and analytics. I was up the better part of the night installing software, turning my MacBook into the most versatile of machines.

At first I was building out images using Virtual PC, but by now a lot of my towers are short on RAM and a bit too old for heavy work, and I did not want to get new towers and have to deal with driver issues if I was installing say Windows 2003 Server. While tinkering a bit, I installed Parallels on my MacBook (which is running with 2 GB of RAM, so decent enough) and found it fabulous for server as well as desktop software. In fact, server software is easier because you avoid the registration key loops in which you activate a product and then all of a sudden Microsoft thinks you are on a new machine, so it logs you back out. A very annoying aspect of the new virtualized world.

At any rate, I installed the following in short order and find they all run very well:

  • Windows 2003 Server with SharePoint 2007
  • Windows XP (the usual workstation)
  • OpenSuse Linux 11.1

These will get me started, and I’ll gladly pay the $80 for Parallels to have everything on one machine. The goal now is to get back to MOSS and the analytics side of things, and I’m starting with an assessment of a multi-tenant hosted platform that seems to be having a few issues.


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